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Mabli Jên                                                                    Contemporary Fine Art

Artist Statement

My practice currently involves working with the relationship between the human figure and its environment.

I work from collaged photographs of myself to create drawings and paintings that suggest an ambiguity of gender and narrative which are further abstracted by the distortion of the surrounding scene into the figure. I attempt this by disrupting and balancing form, the use of discordant colour combinations and expressive gestural marks.

Through the universally recognisable use of human form the audience is invited to reflect on their own corporeality and physical presence in the world.

Photograph by Mary Watler-Thomas

Artist C.V.

Education/ Qualification


2013-2016  Achieved a First class BA hons in Fine Art, at Cardiff School of Art and Design.


2012-2013- Fine art Diploma, West Wales School of Art and Design, Graduated with a Distinction.


Achievements and awards

June 2016- Received the Cardiff County Council Award for high quality work to be exhibited at the Council's offices.


June 2016 Received the Dulce Mayne Stephens Art Trust Award for artistic achievement in Fine Art.

May 2016 Received the Helen Gregory Memorial Trust Purchase Prize 2016 Award for artistic achievement in Fine Art.

November 2015- Was sponsored by the Welsh Government to be an artist in residence in Guadalajara. The painted was gifted to the Government of Jalisco to cement relations between wales and Jalisco.

July 2014- Completed the Drawing Marathon at the Prince's Drawing School, London.

June 2013- Received the Lyn Davies Drawing Prize.


2009- 2011 Received a scholarship for the Alexander Talbot Rice drawing Academy.

Group Exhibitions

Cardiff Contemporary Festival
Morgans Arcade, Cardiff 
20th October - 19th November 2016

Made Gallery, Roath, Cardiff.

15th Sept-1st Oct 2016
 The Abacus 18-20 Wood Street, Cardiff.
 11th-13th of December 2015.



The Abacus 18-20 Wood Street, Cardiff.

12th-19th December 2014.


-WJEC Excellence Awards

G39 Gallery, Cardiff.

8th- 13th November 2013 

-First Impressions 
View Gallery, Bristol.
August 29- september 15 2013.
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